Anonymous: "lol Gabriella is worse omg, just imagine.."

omggg nooo, that would just be no

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Anonymous: "no neymar is dating gabriella"


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what Neymar is really thinking (insp. by x)

A tia rafaella não deixa o Davi brincar ! Kkk 👶😂❤ O sonho dela é ser um jacaré 🐊 

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Anonymous: "I've always wondered when caro and ney went to that wedding was he already dating Bruna ? I think them attending together spoke volumes to the great relationship they have"

yes, when carolina and ney went to that wedding he was dating bruna xo 

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Anonymous: "Why are ppl freaking out because caro and rafa are in a pic togther I thought they were always friends there are really rude comments on insta ... I also wanna say I kinda like caro better then Bruna not because she is davi mom but she because she looks down to earth and cool with it all and Bruna don't have much of an opinion on her but I've read she is hitchy and not very kind to ppl"

i have no idea people hate for no reason like calm the fuck down plis, some people should to stop and ask them selfs who really cares. i also like carolina better than bruna ! 

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Anonymous: "rafaella looks like a girl who gets along with everybody. I love her so much."

shes such a sweetheart, i just love her 

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Neymar e Carolina 
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Anonymous: "i really like how rafaella and carolina are still nice to each other! :)"

same, its so cute ! 

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