what are you guys going to be for halloween?

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Vai que é tua mlkao, faz história…. Você merece !!! Meu pato no Poker hahahah Tamo junto @gabrielmedina

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"its a fact that neymar will be a great player. He will go down in history as one of the best Brazilian players in the world."

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FC Barcelona 3-0 Eibar 
Xavi ‘60
Neymar ‘72
Messi ‘74

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Anonymous: did you ever post that picture thing above your icon (when visiting your blog with mobile) ? because I can't find it anywhere and it's fucking hot

here babe !

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goddamn i love neymar

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Anonymous: you know the post about the black girl getting fun of in school, did they make fun of her because of her skin colour or because of the white accessory she had in her hair? (mind of i ask what it is btw?) Thanks!

i dont know, it was a bow x

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