Anonymous: your icon kills me lmaoooo


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PSG v Fc Barcelona
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Anonymous: this blog is nice... i luv it :)

thank you babe ! 

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Anonymous: holy shit that game was intense!!! is the team still on top and still in the champions league?

in group F PSG is the team that is on top, but barca is second and they are still in champions league yes ! 

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Anonymous: Who did the goals?

paris: david luiz, verratti and matuidi and for barca: messi and neymar

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Messi’s goal against PSG — 09.30.2014

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current mood


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But now y’all can enjoy biased refs for paris and their dirty way of playing :-)

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Anonymous: Do you have a livestream for the Barça game by any chance?

here, but its lagging sometimes so its annoying but its better than nothing !

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Anonymous: damn neon's looking good on bae

it fucking is yo

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